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26 / 06 / 2008

TO MIND-2 (REVISION): meaning and examples

Good morning.

Today we will continue looking at the verb to mind (if you don't mind). If you have ever travelled on a train or the underground in England, you have surely heard or seen the expression MIND THE GAP.

Today's meaning of mind as a verb is: to be careful of something. It is used to warn somebody of a possible danger or problem.

This meaning is more common in UK English than US English, and it is usually used in the imperative form.

Example 1
Mind (that) you don't step in the puddle (charco). (= Be careful you don't step in the puddle.)

Example 2
Mind your head as you go through the doorway! It's quite low.

Example 3
Mind you don't break any dishes while you are doing the washing up! They belonged to my grandmother and they are irreplaceable.

I hope you don't mind if we continue this topic in Monday's Daily Vitamin! Tomorrow (Friday) we will be sending the Essential Weekly Vitamin for beginner students.

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