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04 / 12 / 2003

TO MAKE-3: meaning and examples

Hello again.

Today we will look at a few common expressions with make that mean to succeed in achieving something.

To make a deadline = to finish something before the final date.

Example 1: Now that the computers aren't working, it is going to be impossible to make the deadline this Friday. We only have 24 hours.

To make the headlines = to be an important enough piece of news to be reported.

Example 2: The results of the elections in Catalonia made the headlines in France.

To make do with something = to overcome a problematic situation by using what is available, even if something is missing.

Example 3: The family didn't have much money, but they made do with the little money they had.

To make it = to succeed in a particular activity or profession.

Example 4: After years of hard work and labour, he has finally made it! His company is now in the top 10 most successful companies in Europe.

The next lesson will be the 4th and final day of make expressions.

Have a good day.