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04 / 03 / 2005

TO HAVE A COLD: meaning and examples

Good morning. Today's expression is: to get a cold; to catch a cold; to have a cold. It means: to be ill with symptoms such as nasal congestion (congestión nasal), a cough (tos) or a headache (dolor de cabeza). This illness is considered minor and usually occurs in winter. Example 1: I always get a cold in winter, but luckily it never lasts for more than a week. Example 2: Billy caught a cold from one of the children in his class and now he's passed it on to the entire family. Everybody is sneezing (estornudar) and coughing non-stop! Example 3: If you have a cold you should take vitamin C and try to rest. When you learn the word for a common illness, like a cold, it is useful to learn some vocabulary related to the word, such as the symptoms listed above: nasal congestion (congestión nasal), cough (tos), sneeze (estornudar) or headache (dolor de cabeza). If you have any questions about this expression and related symptoms, please don't hesitate to contact me. Enjoy the rest of your day and have an excellent weekend!


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