25 / 02 / 2005

TO FIT: meaning and examples

Good morning. Today's word is: to fit It's used : to express that something is the right size or shape. When we talk about clothes, we use this verb with the following word order: the article or piece of clothing FIT person. Example 1: These shoes fit me very well. They're not too loose and they're not too tight. In fact, they're a perfect fit! (Notice that fit is used as a noun in the expression "it's a perfect fit".) Example 2: If the suit doesn't fit you well, you can either get it altered or try on another size. When we talk about putting things in a space, we use this word order: Subject FIT thing or person that goes in the space. Example 3: The car is full. We can't fit anybody else in. You'll have to call a taxi. Example 4: Can you fit these books in your bag? I don't have any more space in mine to carry them. If you have any questions about this word, please don't hesitate to contact me. Have a nice day and an excellent weekend!