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08 / 03 / 2010

TALK AROUND SOMETHING: meaning and examples

Hello everyone.

I hope you had a nice weekend. As you know, last week we reviewed different English expressions with the verb talk in them. On Monday of last week, we received the following question from one of our readers:

Dear Matthew, I've seen today's Daily Vitamin. You want to tell us about some English expressions that use the verb "talk". Is it possible for you to include the expression "talk around the edge"? I've looked it up in the dictionary but I didn't find it. Thank you very much for your Daily Vitamin!! It's fantastic!! Best regards, María José.

Thank you very much for your question María José, and for your kind comments.

This is not an expression that I am familiar with. However, I think it is just a variation of the expression to talk around something.

To talk around something means to talk about something in a general way without dealing with the most important points. This is something that politicians generally do very well. ;-)

Example 1:
I asked Mike about the price of the acquisition of the company that he wants to buy, but he just talked around it. I have the feeling that he is hiding something.

Example 2:
We tried to get useful information out of the new marketing director (who used to work for the competition), but he just talked around our questions.

I hope that helps María José. If anyone else has information about this expression, please post your comments in the Daily Vitamin section on our website (

I hope you have a great day!

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