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14 / 10 / 2009

SUCCESS LISTENING ACTIVITY-1: meaning and examples

Good morning.

Last week I suggested a short video on as a way of practicing your listening skills. Today I want to suggest another one.

This time it is done by a Spanish speaker (with a good level of English), so those of you who are native Spanish speakers, I think, will find it easy to understand. (There is even some Spanish spoken in a video shown during the presentation.) Another important point is that the video will probably make you laugh.

The speaker, Joachim de Posada, speaks about "the most important factor for success". Do you think this factor is relevant when learning a language? I'd love to hear your opinions (in the Daily Vitamin section on our website).

Remember our suggestions for listening to these short videos (6 minutes):

1) Watch 1-3 times without subtitles to see what you can understand. (Watch difficult-to-understand segments more if you would like.)

2) Watch the video 1-3 times more, with English subtitles.

3) If there is something that you still don't understand, activate the Spanish subtitles, or the subtitles of another language that you understand better than English (French, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese...).

The rest of this week I will suggest other short videos that present ideas of what brings us success (however we may define that). Watching these videos will help you to improve your listening skills and, therefore, to be more successful with your English (I hope).

I hope to see your comments on the website. Have a nice day!