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04 / 11 / 2004

STUFF-2: meaning and examples

Good morning! Today we continue with the versatile conversational noun stuff. Yesterday we looked at the meanings a variety of objects or things and materials or substances used for making something. Today we will look at the following meanings. 3) Personal qualities or behaviour 4) General information 3) STUFF MEANING PERSONAL QUALITIES OR BEHAVIOUR. Example 5: I think he has the right stuff to be a teacher; he's patient, caring and knowledgeable. It can also refer to negative qualities. Example 6: There is a lot of bad stuff happening in that company. 4) STUFF MEANING GENERAL INFORMATION. Example 7: That was a boring class; I already knew all the stuff he talked about. Tomorrow we will look at a few common expressions used with the word stuff. If you have any questions about today's Daily Vitamin, please don't hesitate to contact me. Enjoy the rest of your day!

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