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06 / 05 / 2004

STEALING IN ENGLISH: meaning and examples

Hello everybody! Good afternoon.

I want to apologise for not being able to send the Daily Vitamin yesterday. Let's get right to today's Vitamin.

There are many words to express the idea of steal in English.

Steal means: to take something that belongs to someone else without permission.

Consider the following verbs with similar meanings:

To rob means: to take money or property illegally from a person or place, often using threats of force or violence.

To mug means: to attack a person and steal from them, usually in a public place or on the street.

To burglarise means: to illegally enter into a house or a building to steal things.

To shoplift means: to steal things from a store.

To break into means: to illegally enter someone's property (house, car, etc.).

All of these words are synonyms of steal, but each one is used in a specific situation.

Example 1
The criminals robbed the bank and escaped in a black car.

Example 2
My mother-in-law was mugged on the street yesterday; they took her purse, watch and rings.

Example 3
Our neighbour's house was burglarised last week.

Example 4
When I was 8 years old, I was caught shoplifting in a supermarket. My parents were very angry.

Example 5
I'm very upset! Last night some thieves broke into my car and took the stereo.

Enjoy the rest of your afternoon.