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17 / 03 / 2004

SPEND (not PASS): meaning and examples

Good morning.

Today's verb is: to spend.

It means: (1) to use money to buy services or pay for things; (2) to stay somewhere or do something for a period of time (3) to use energy, effort or time to do something.

Example 1
I have spent a lot of money on English classes, but I still haven't reached my desired level.

Example 2
This summer I will spend two weeks in Boston for my brother's wedding.

Example 3
I had spent a lot of energy trying to learn English, but until I followed the Ziggurat method I didn't learn very much.

Notice that we DO NOT use "pass" to express any of these three very common meanings. We NEVER say ***"I passed the weekend with my parents"***. We would say "I spent the weekend with my parents."

Have a good day!