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14 / 01 / 2005

SHORTCUT: meaning and examples

Good morning. Today's expression is: Shortcut It means: A path or way of going somewhere that is quicker and shorter than the usual way; or, a quicker than usual way of doing something, which often produces results that are not good enough. Example 1: Speaker 1: We're going to arrive late to the wedding. Hurry up! You're driving very slowly. Speaker 2: Don't worry; I know a shortcut. We'll arrive on time. Example 2: Some people accused the previous Spanish government of taking shortcuts in the construction of the high-speed train between Madrid and Lleida. Example 3: He could be a good lawyer, but he takes too many legal shortcuts; he doesn't perform all the necessary parts of the legal process. If you have any questions about shortcut, please don't hesitate to contact me. Have a good day and an excellent weekend!