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30 / 06 / 2006

SHOPPING (3): meaning and examples

Hello again.

Today we conclude our discussion of places to shop.

Today's first word is: Street market

It means: a collection of stalls (paradas) in the street where things are sold. They usually sell fruit and vegetables and other foods, as well as clothes or useful household goods (both new and used).

Example 1:
Bridget: Where did you get that lamp?
Ingrid: It's from London. I got it at the Portobello Road street market.

Today's second word is: Flea market

It means: an outdoor market where second-hand goods are displayed on stalls or on the ground.

Example 2
If you want some original ornaments for your flat, go to Els Encants, Barcelona's famous flea market at Glories.

Wherever you shop this weekend, I hope you find some bargains (gangas)!

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Enjoy your day and have an excellent weekend!

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