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07 / 06 / 2005

SET ASIDE: meaning and examples

Good morning. Eugenia L. has written to us to request some information about phrasal verbs with the verbs SET, GIVE and MAKE. The next few Daily Vitamins will be dedicated to some of the more common phrasal verbs with these words. You can find more information about phrasal verbs in some past Daily Vitamins (11-11-03, 01-10-04, 04-10-04, 05-10-04, 20-10-04, 21-10-04, 22-10-04, 25-10-04, etc.). Today's expression is: to set something aside (separable) It means: to save a quantity of something, such as money or supplies, in order to use it later for a specific purpose. Example 1: Marcus is only 45 years old but he has already set aside money for his retirement. Since set aside is a separable phrasal verb, which means we can put an object between the verb (set) and the verb particle (aside), example 1 could also be written like this: Example 2: Marcus is only 45 years old but he has already set money aside for his retirement. Example 3: I've made three cakes, but I'm setting them aside for the party tomorrow night. Please don't eat them! If you have any questions about this expression, please don't hesitate to contact us. Enjoy the rest of your day!


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