15 / 11 / 2010

SET-1: meaning and examples

Good morning everyone. I hope all of you had a relaxing weekend.

In June of 2005 we created three Daily Vitamins about phrasal verbs that use the word set in them (see link below).

This week we are going to go over some more expressions that use the word set in them.

Today's expression is: to set someone against someone

It means: to make somebody oppose a friend, acquaintance, relative, etc.   

Example 1:
After a divorce, it's quite common for one or both parents to try to set the children against their ex-spouse (spouse = cónyuge in Spanish).

Example 2:
The plan to build a nuclear power plant near the village has caused a lot of controversy, and has set the neighbours against each other.

Remember that you can make inquiries about today's Daily Vitamin by adding a comment in the Daily Vitamin section on our website. The more you participate, the more effective the lesson will be.

I hope you have a great day.

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