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16 / 09 / 2005

RIGHT-HANDED: meaning and examples

Good morning.

Today's words are: right-handed; left-handed (pronunciation --> HAN-did)

They mean: to use your right hand or your left hand to do most things

Example 1:
Most people are right-handed and so objects like scissors or the mouse of a computer are designed for them.

Example 2
Please leave this desk free. It's for left-handed people and it's the only one we have.


It means: an informal expression that refers to a person you rely on or trust to do things for you, especially at work.

Example 3:
Starting next month I'll have to travel a lot more so I need to find a right-hand man to look after the business while I'm away.

If you have any questions about today's words, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Enjoy your weekend!


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