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26 / 09 / 2007

'PUENTE' IN ENGLISH (REVIEW): meaning and examples

Good morning.

The other day we received the following question:

How do you say in English: el proximo fin de semana es puente? (Montse Paredes)

This week we didn't send the Daily Vitamin on Monday because it was a bank holiday in Barcelona (La Mercè).

In Spanish, when referring to a weekend like last weekend, with one or more bank holidays next to it, it is very common to talk about "puentes," or even "acueductos." In English, however, we do NOT use the equivalent words "bridges" or "aqueducts" to describe weekends that are formed by combining bank holidays with "unofficial" days off. There is no equivalent in English. We generally just call it a long weekend

Therefore, Montse, to say el proximo fin de semana es puente? we would probably simply say "next weekend is a long weekend."

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