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23 / 02 / 2010

PAY SLIP vs. PAY ROLL: meaning and examples

Good morning. Today's Daily Vitamin, once again, is based on comments from one of our readers, this time from Olga.

Olga pointed out the difference between Payslip and Payroll.

Meaning of payslip: a piece of paper that is given to an employee that shows how much money they have been paid, including details about deductions made for taxes, unemployment benefits, etc.

Example 1 (created by Olga):
John receives a payslip every month when he is paid his salary.

Meaning of payroll: a list of people employed by a company, showing the amount of money that is to be paid to each of them; OR the total amount paid in wages (sueldos) by a company.

Example 2 (created by Olga):
The company has a payroll of 800,000 euros every month.

Example 3:
The company has 350 people on the payroll.

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Have a great day!