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11 / 07 / 2007

PARENTS: meaning and examples

Good morning everyone.

Today's word is: parent

It means: a person's father or mother.

This word is usually found in the plural form (to refer to both parents).

Example 1:
My parents are not home, so we can have the party at my house.

In Example 1 we could also use my "mother and father" in place of parents.

Example 2:
My mother and father are not home, so we can have the party at my house.

One of the most common errors I hear amongst Spanish- or Catalan-speaking English students is translating the word padres (pares) directly into English as fathers. Doing this creates strange sentences like the one in the following example:

Example 3:
He's thirty years old and he still lives with his fathers.

Example 3 should be "...he still lives with his parents."

Tomorrow we will look at the confusion between parientes (in Spanish) and parents (in English).

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Enjoy your day.

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