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06 / 11 / 2007

ORDERING WATER IN ENGLISH-2: meaning and examples

Good morning.

Yesterday we looked at the following English phrases needed to order water in English.

Room Temperature --> Natural / del tiempo
Cold water --> agua fresca o agua fría
Tap water --> agua del grifo
Bottled water --> agua embotellada

Today we look at the term mineral water. We call it mineral water because it contains minerals or other dissolved substances that alter its taste or give it therapeutic value. Although you can drink mineral water from a spring (fuente or manantial), we usually drink it bottled.

Example 1:
Waiter: What would you like to drink with your meal?
Client: I'll have some mineral water, please.
Waiter: Is Perrier okay?
Client: Yes, that will be fine.

Tomorrow we will look at one more area of ordering water in restaurants.

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Enjoy the rest of your day, and be sure to drink lots of water. ;-)