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03 / 05 / 2005

NEITHER / EITHER / BOTH (2): meaning and examples

Good morning. Yesterday we reviewed the following generalisations about Neither / Either / Both. 1) NEITHER singular noun (BOOK) and singular verb form (IS) 2) EITHER singular noun (BOOK) and singular verb form (IS). 3) BOTH plural noun (BOOKS) and plural verb form (ARE) 4) NEITHER has a negative meaning (NOT). 5) EITHER gives us an option (OR). 6) BOTH has an inclusive meaning (AND). Today we will look at Neither / Either / Both in Short Answers. In these short-answer cases, it is not necessary to use a NOUN. You can use a pronoun phrase (of them): Neither / Neither one / Neither of them (= not A and not B). Either / Either one / Either of them (= A or B, one of the two things). Both / Both of them (= A and B, the two things). Examples: --> Would you like tea or coffee? Neither. Neither one. Neither of them. (= I don't want tea and I don't want coffee.) --> Do you want to go to the cinema or the theatre? Either. Either one. Either of them. (= I don't mind going to the cinema or the theatre. It doesn't matter.) --> Which book do you want to buy? Both. Both of them. (= I want to buy the two books.) Tomorrow we will continue with neither / either / both. If you have any questions so far, please don't hesitate to contact me. Have either a great day or a wonderful day (or both)!