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12 / 01 / 2007

MONEY EXPRESSIONS (3): meaning and examples

Good morning. Today we finish up our Daily Vitamins about money expressions by looking at some different words that mean money.

Today's first word is: Cash

Meaning: coins or notes that can be spent immediately (dinero en efectivo).

Example 1:
I don't have any cash with me, so I'm going to have to pay with a credit card.

Today's second money word is: (Small) change

Meaning: coins that are not of high value.

Example 2:
Do you have any change for the telephone?

Today's third money word is: Currency

Meaning: the specific type of money used in a particular country.

Example 3
That restaurant does not accept foreign currency. We'll have to go to the bank and exchange some Dollars for Euros.

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Have a good day and an excellent weekend!