14 / 01 / 2010

LIKE-3: meaning and examples

Good morning.

Today we finish our look at some uses of the word like, other than as a verb with the meaning "to find something pleasant or attractive" (gustar). Today we look at some expressions with uses of like as a noun.

Meaning 1: the things that you like.

Example 1:
Everyone has different likes and dislikes.

Meaning 2: a person or thing that is similar to another.

Example 2:
He prefers jazz, rock and the like (= similar types of music).

Meaning 3: used to refer to somebody or something that is considered as a type, especially one that is considered as good as somebody or something else.

Example 3:
He didn't want to associate with the likes of me.

Remember that tomorrow we will send the Essential Weekly Vitamin for Spanish-speaking students of English.

Have a great day!


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