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02 / 11 / 2006

LIBRARY vs. BOOKSHOP: meaning and examples

Good morning.

Today we will look at two commonly misused words in English: library and bookshop.

Meaning of Library: a place where books, documents, CDs, etc. are available for you to look at or borrow (biblioteca).

Meaning of Bookshop (sometimes bookstore): a shop that sells books (librería).

Example 1:
Craig: Did you buy all the books you need for the course?
Jenny: No, they're so expensive! I borrowed most of them from the public library. Unfortunately, I need to return them soon because another person is waiting for them.

Example 2:
Mark: Where do you want to meet?
Andy: How about that huge bookshop on Passeig de Gracia? I need to buy the next novel we're going to read in the Ziggurat Book Club.

Example 3:
Grace: Where's the largest bookshop in this town?
Steve: I don't know - I buy all my books online these days. There are nine million titles on the Amazon website!

Example 4:
Henry Clay Folger was an oil magnate who left his library of Shakespeare to the American people when he died. It's a very important collection and can be consulted by the public.

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I'll see you tomorrow.