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07 / 06 / 2007

LEARNING TIPS: ENGLISH HABIT 1: meaning and examples

Hello again. 

Today we look at a very simple English habit that you can incorporate into your daily routine without much effort.

HABIT 1Reading aloud (leer en voz alta) everyday to improve your pronunciation and fluency. 

Materials: Any native English text (from a book, textbook, newspaper, magazine, etc.). When reading aloud you may not even understand what you are reading, so the content of the text is irrelevant. Just be sure it's a correct English text.

Description: This is an activity that is meant to physically develop the dozens of facial muscles that you need to speak English, and which you probably don't use very often. The key is to do this every day, or almost every day. You only need to read two or three minutes, which means that you will only need a text with between 150 and 450 words in it, depending on your level.

Instructions: Every day before you go to bed, read aloud for two or three minutes in English. You may want to use the same text for several nights, so that you can see improvement. Don't worry if your pronunciation is not perfect; the important thing is to begin moving and developing those muscles necessary to speak English. If you have a textbook with an audio CD and corresponding transcriptions of the texts, you may want to use them so that you can occasionally compare your pronunciation with the recordings. only takes 21 days (or less) to form a habit. Once it is formed, it will be effortless to continue the activity.

If you have an English habit that you like to use, please tell us about it in the Daily Vitamin Plus! forum section on our website.

I hope you have a nice day.