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13 / 06 / 2006

KEEP DOING SOMETHING (2): meaning and examples

Hello again,

Yesterday we saw some examples of to keep -ing to mean to continue to do something persistently.

It's important to note that when we use keep -ing to talk about another person or thing, it can communicate our irritation with that person or thing.

Example 1:
Fiona was so annoying at the cinema; she kept talking to me, and then her watch kept making strange noises. It was really embarrassing!

Example 2:
My computer is driving me mad today! The screen keeps going blank. Maybe I have a virus.

Example 3:
My mobile phone company keeps sending me text messages advertising their services.

In the three examples above, the speakers use Keep -ing to show their annoyance at Fiona's behaviour, their computer screen and the telephone company. The context and tone of your voice help to emphasise this irritation.

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