06 / 05 / 2010

JUST-4: meaning and examples

Hello everyone,

Today we continue our review of expressions and uses of the English word just.

Today's expression is: it is just as well (that…)

Meaning: it is a good thing.

Example 1:
It is just as well that we didn't go to the beach house last weekend. It rained the whole time and we would have been trapped inside all day.

Example 2:
Rachel: I'm sorry you didn't get the job.
Jack: Oh no...Don't worry. It's just as well. Now I have time to plan my future and decide what I really want to do with my professional life.

Next week we will continue our review of expressions with just.

Remember that tomorrow we will send the Essential Weekly Vitamin for Spanish-speaking students of English.

Enjoy the rest of your day!

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