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23 / 01 / 2004

IT LOOKS LIKE ENGLISH BUT IT'S NOT-2: meaning and examples

Hello again. I hope your day is going well,

Today we will continue with more of those words and expression in Spanish/Catalan that look like English, but aren't.

Consider the following expressions in Spanish/Catalan and their correct translations into English:

Span/Cat: Un smoking
English: A tuxedo

Span/Cat: Spot
English: Commercial

Span/Cat: Play-back
English: lip-synching

Span/Cat: Un master
English: A master's degree (M.A.). A two year degree after your "licenciatura".

Span/Cat: Los Rolling
English: The Stones

So English speakers do not say "I'm going to the Rollings concert" but rather "I'm going to the Stones concert". And advertisements on the television and radio are called commercials, not spots. Spots are what teenagers get on their face (acne).

I hope you find these as humorous as I do. :-)

Have a great day!