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01 / 02 / 2012

INTRODUCTIONS (FORMAL): meaning and examples

Good morning.

One of the first things we learn as English students is how to introduce ourselves, and how to introduce people to each other; however, it's very common even for advanced students to have problems introducing people in social situations.

Introducing Yourself
If you are like me, you probably often find yourself in a room full of strangers. Here are some phrases you can use to introduce yourself.

-Good morning / afternoon / evening*. My name is Matthew Ray.
-May I introduce myself? I'm
Dr. Steven Brody.
-Allow me to introduce myself. My name is
Ms. Susan Farr, but please call me Susan.
Tom Chen. How do you do?

*It is not correct to say 'Good night' when you introduce yourself. We say 'good night' before we go to bed.

When you have exchanged names, you can use one of these polite phrases:
- Pleased to meet you. / Nice to meet you. / How do you do? / It's a pleasure to meet you.
- Pleased to meet you, too. / Nice to meet you, too. / How do you do? / The pleasure is all mine.

It's common to shake hands (firmly) when you introduce yourself in a formal setting. Kissing is not common in Anglo-Saxon culture.

Introducing Others
You may have to introduce other people, particularly at conferences or formal social gatherings. Here are some phrases for introducing other people to each other.

-Do you know Matthew Ray? Matthew, this is Amanda Heller.
-Let me introduce you to
Amanda Heller.
-Allow me to introduce you to
Dr. and Mrs. Frank Wilson.
-May I introduce you to
my business partner, Jody Grafton?
-Linda, I'd like you to meet Mrs. Angela Kelmer.

Taking Leave
When you are leaving a person that you have just met, you can use one of these phrases.

-Goodbye. It was lovely to have met you.
-If you'll excuse me. It was nice to have met you.
-It was a pleasure to meet you.
-The pleasure was all mine.

Example Conversation

Ms. Farr: Good evening. I'm Susan Farr, from Madison Medical.
Dr. Brody: Nice to meet you, Ms. Farr.  I'm Dr. Steve Brody.
Ms. Farr: Nice to meet you, too, but please call me Susan. Do you know my colleague, Dr. Wendy Patterson? Wendy, this is Dr. Brody.
Dr. Brody: No, I don't. How do you do, Dr. Patterson?
Dr. Patterson: How do you do?
Ms. Farr: If you'll excuse me. It was nice to have met you, Dr. Brody.
Dr. Brody: The pleasure was all mine.

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