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27 / 02 / 2007

HALF-BROTHER/SISTER: meaning and examples

Good morning.

Today we continue with the theme of family names. We've talked about In-laws (the family of your husband or wife) and stepfamily (the family that becomes yours through the marriage of your parents).

Today's words are: half-brother and half-sister

Meaning: a person's half-sister is the girl or woman who has either the same mother or father as you. A person's half-brother is a boy or man with either the same mother or father as you.

It is possible to have both half-brothers and half-sisters and stepbrothers and stepsisters in the same family.

Scott's mother, Janet, was divorced and remarried. Her second husband, Alex, is Scott's stepfather. Alex has a son named Mark. Scott and Mark are stepbrothers.  Janet and Alex have just had a baby daughter, Lisa. Lisa is Scott and Mark's half-sister and Mark and Scott are Lisa's half-brothers.

Scott and Mark are only related to each other by marriage, but Lisa is "half-related" to both Scott and Mark (Scott by way of his mother and Mark by way of his father).

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