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09 / 12 / 2004

GROOVE-1: meaning and examples

Good morning. I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend. Today's Daily Vitamin comes from Eva B. who would like to know more about the word groove. Eva asked us if this word was a noun or a verb. She wrote: I normally understand it as estar en la onda because I've seen this word used in the expression being in the groove. The word groove can be a noun, a verb (to groove) or an adjective (groovy) and is used in a lot of different ways and in many popular or colloquial expressions. Today and tomorrow we will look at a few of them. MEANING 1 Groove (noun): a line cut into the surface of something. This is the standard meaning of the word groove. Example 1 Music used to be produced on records, which were round, flat discs with concentric grooves cut into them. MEANING 2 Groove (noun): a piece of popular music with a good beat. This is an informal use of the noun. Example 2 Yesterday at the disco the DJ played excellent dance grooves the whole night! We danced for hours! MEANING 3 Groovy (adjective): fashionable, exciting, modern or cool. This word was especially popular in the 1960s, so today it's considered an old-fashioned expression. Example 3 Those bell-bottomed trousers are really groovy. Where did you get them? Example 3.1 Did you see Janet's new and groovy hairstyle? Where did she get it done? Tomorrow we will continue with this word. If you have any questions so far, please feel free to contact me. Have a groovy day,

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