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18 / 07 / 2006

GRIND YOUR TEETH: meaning and examples

Good morning, everyone.

A few weeks ago we received a query from Olga P. She wrote:

I would like to know the meaning of this: "Let me sleep so my teeth won't grind" I suppose that it means "dejame domir aunque me rechinen los dientes". It is correct? Thanks in advance and enjoy your weekend!

Today's expression is: Grind your teeth

It means: to rub your top and bottom teeth together in a way that makes noise.

Example 1:
My husband has a strange habit of grinding his teeth when he's watching television.

We think the example that Olga sent to us comes from an Alice in Chains song:

Example 2:
"Let the sun never blind your eyes,
Let me sleep so my teeth won't grind,
Hear a sound from a voice inside." 

Olga's translation is not exactly correct. It should be "dejame dormir para que no rechinen los dientes."

Learners of English often ask us about the meaning of song lyrics, but it's not always possible to give a logical explanation because they are very often impressionistic, poetic and open to interpretation. This is certainly true of Olga's example.

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Have a good day!