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26 / 01 / 2009

GOOD FOR HIM: meaning and examples

Good morning. I hope everyone had a good weekend.

Today we answer another question from one of our readers, this time Miriam Mensa. Here is her question that she sent us some time ago.

Hola! Vuelvo a ser Miriam, y esta vez nos hemos apostado con mi padre lo siguiente: la expresión irónica de "pues bien por él / suerte para él / ..." en inglés, ¿cómo es? Good for him? o Luck for him? Gracias!! (Miriam Mensa)

First of all, this expression, I think, in both English and Spanish can be used ironically or seriously. It depends on the context and the tone of our voice.

Today's expression is: Good for you / somebody / them, etc.

Meaning: used to praise somebody for doing something well.

Example 1:
David: I passed the exam the first time!
Matthew: Good for you! Well done!

Example 2:
Barack: I was elected President of the United States!
Michelle: Good for you honey. Let's go out for dinner tonight and celebrate! I'll call the babysitter.

With the word luck, we can say "lucky you" or "lucky him". Again, they are not necessarily ironic.

I hope this answers your question Miriam.

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I hope you have a good week.