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02 / 06 / 2006

GOING FOR A DRINK (2): meaning and examples

Good morning.

Yesterday we looked at phrases that we typically use to invite people for a drink and to order drinks. Today we will look at some expressions that are used in the moment when we pay for the drinks.

Today's first expression is: I'll get this.

It means: you are intending to pay the bill (cuenta) in a bar or restaurant. You can also say, this one's on me

NOTE: It is NOT correct to say "I invite you." Invite is only used to ask someone to come to a place with you.

Example 1:
Speaker 1: Waiter... can I please have the bill?
Speaker 2: I'll get this.
Speaker 1: No, I insist. This one's on me.
Speaker 2. Well, thank you very much. I'll get it next time.

You can also use it's my treat to mean that you are intending to pay, but it is usually used when the bill is more expensive (e.g. after a meal).

Today's second expression is: To split the bill.

It means: to divide the bill between two or more of the people who have eaten or drunk together.

Example 2:
Speaker 1: Shall I pay with my American Express?
Speaker 2: No, no! This is my treat.
Speaker 1: Don't be silly.... the bill will be very expensive!
Speaker 2: Don't worry about it – I can claim it as a business expense.
Speaker 1: No, I don't want you to do that. Let's split the bill between us.

Hopefully, this weekend you will be able to use some of the expressions from this week's Daily Vitamins while relaxing on a terrace with English-speaking friends, or in the Ziggurat Breakfast Club tomorrow morning. ;-)

Have a great day and enjoy your weekend!

NOTE: There will be no Daily Vitamin on Monday due to a bank holiday in Barcelona.