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29 / 09 / 2008

GET YOUR KICKS: meaning and examples

Good morning everyone. I hope you had a good weekend.

Today we are going to answer a question from one of our students, who of course also receives the Daily Vitamin:

I have a question: what does "GET YOUR KICKS ON ROUTE 66" mean? Thank you for your help!

Of course, Àngels is referring to the famous pop song composed in 1946 by American songwriter, Bobby Troup (and later recorded by Chuck Berry in 1961 and the Rolling Stones in 1964, among others). This song is about the famous US highway (UK=motorway) which went from Illinois to California.

To get your kicks is a very informal way of saying to have fun, to feel pleasure or to have a good time.

Today's expression is: To get one's kicks from / out of...

Meaning: a strong feeling of excitement or pleasure.

Example 1:
Paul Newman got a kick out of driving fast cars.

Example 2:
John: What do you do for kicks Sarah?
Sarah: I love to go moose hunting.

Example 3:
He gets his kicks from snow skiing.

The English word kick (Spanish = patada or dar patadas) is used in a lot of English expressions. This week we will look at some of them.

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Have a good day.