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25 / 01 / 2008

FRUIT EXPRESSIONS-5: meaning and examples

Hello and good morning.

Today we finish our look at common expressions that include the names of fruits in them.

Today's expression is: sour grapes

: used when you think that someone is jealous and is pretending that something is not important. In other words, sour grapes is the false denial of desire for something sought but not acquired.

Example 1:
When he found out, after the interview, that he didn't get the job, he said he didn't want the job anyway. However, I think that's just sour grapes!

A related expression, which is used especially in sport, is a sore loser. A sore loser is someone who loses in a fair competition, but complains about it, blaming everyone for their loss except themselves.

Example 2:
When he lost the tennis game, he smashed his racket on the ground in anger. What a sore loser!

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Have a very relaxing and fruitful weekend.

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