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20 / 09 / 2006

FLOOR vs. GROUND: meaning and examples

Good morning.

My six-year-old son speaks pretty good English, but he still makes quite a few errors (even after our 3 week holiday with his English-speaking family). Yesterday, he was talking about his football match at school and said the following:

...the ball was on the floor, and I kicked it really far.

Why is this sentence incorrect? Unless he was playing football inside the classroom, he should have used the word ground, since he was outside on the playground.

The meaning of floor: the flat area that you walk on inside a building.

The meaning of ground: the top part of the Earth's surface that people walk on (outside).

Example 1:
Many people were sitting on the ground during the outdoor concert.

Example 2:
Papá, this crisp fell on the floor. Can you wash it so that I can eat it?

So basically we use floor when we're inside and ground when we're outside.

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