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11 / 12 / 2007

FAR TOO FEW: meaning and examples

Good morning. Today we are going to answer another one of our readers' questions

Good morning Matthew. Thanks for being so interested in the people's knowledge. I would like you to speak about the next following expression in a future Daily Vitamin.

"I will say that they have been far too few".

I received an e-mail with that sentence but I can't get it at all. And it's better if you share it with the other "classmates"... (;-)

Kind regards, Javier Matarin

Far (lejos) is usually used to talk about distances. However, in this sentence far is being used to give emphasis to "too few"; here, far means "very much".

I don't have the full context of the sentence, but a quick direct translation into Spanish would be something like "yo diría que ha habido demasiados pocos..."

Here are some more similar examples.

Example 1:
There are far more opportunities for young people than before.  

Example 2:
That teacher always gives far too much homework.

Example 3:
That's a far better idea.

I hope that helps Javier.

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Enjoy your day.

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