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13 / 07 / 2009

ENGLISH IN THE SUMMER-1: meaning and examples

Good morning,

In summer there is a tendency to forget about English. We are planning our holidays (or already on holidays), finishing up projects at work and slowly disconnecting from the "rat race." Disconnecting from the rat race is a good thing, but treating English like a seasonal activity, rather than a daily lifetime activity, could be the thing that is keeping you from reaching your desired level!

Unfortunately, interest in learning English comes in cycles. Interest is greatest in September and October, after the summer holidays, and in January and February, at the beginning of the New Year. This cyclical tendency causes many students to constantly spend their lives taking one step forward and two steps back with their English learning.

Don't slow down now! While you're planning for your summer, think about how you can keep your English alive during your holidays. Perhaps you will be travelling to an English-speaking country. If you won't be travelling, don't worry... there are lots of things that you can do to maintain your English, and even improve it, without leaving your home! Do you have any ideas for summer English-maintenance activities?

This week we will review some ideas for keeping your English alive in the summer, but I would also like to include some of our readers' suggestions; if any of you have ideas of good activities that we can use to keep our English strong in the summer, please let us know and we will include them in a Daily Vitamin this week.

The first step to keeping your English alive in the summer is thinking about what you will do to achieve your goals. So send us your ideas. ;-)

Have an excellent day!

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