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27 / 06 / 2006

DOMINAR IN ENGLISH: meaning and examples


Today we are going to look at a "false friend" that often causes problems for students.

Which of the following sentences is correct?

i) Vicente dominates English. He sounds like a native speaker!
ii) Vicente has an excellent command of English. He sounds like a native speaker!

The Spanish verb dominar does not usually translate as dominate, unless you mean to ruleDominar more commonly translates as to have a good command or knowledge of something. Therefore, the correct answer is (ii).

Example 1:
All the airport staff have a good command of at least three European languages.

Example 2:
Applicants for the position of senior secretary must have an excellent command of Microsoft Office, and some knowledge of computer programming.

NOTE: we always use the indefinite article, a or an in this expression.

Hopefully, if you keep reading the Daily Vitamins, they will help you to achieve a good command of English.

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