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16 / 01 / 2012

CONDOLENCES: meaning and examples

Good morning!

It's not always easy to say the right thing. Specific social situations require specific expressions. We received a request from one of our readers, Sebastian, who had to "mostrar/expresar sus condolencias" (give his condolences) to a relative in English. Today we will look at a few expressions that you can use as a way of communicating your feelings when someone tells you that a person has died or passed away*. The following expressions would be appropriate to say to someone or to use in a written note.

*to pass away
= to die. This is a formal expression that is usually used to refer to people who die in old age or after a long illness.

Expression 1
: Please accept my/our condolences.

Example 1
I heard that your grandmother passed away. Please accept my condolences.

Expression 2: I'm / we're (so) sorry for your loss.

Example 2
We heard about your father's death. We're so sorry for your loss.

Expression 3
: My/Our thoughts are with you.

Example 3
We heard about your sad news. Our thoughts are with you at this difficult time.

Perhaps expressions related to death is not the most uplifting topic, but I hope you have a great day anyway!

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