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09 / 01 / 2007

COMIC vs. COMEDIAN: meaning and examples

Good morning.

Some time ago we received the following query from one of our Daily Vitamin Plus! subscribers:

Is there any difference between "comic" and "comedian"? Which one refers to a person like.. say...Pepe Rubianes or Jerry Lewis? David Berga

Below is a version of the answer that I sent to David. 

The word comic is short for comic book. A comic book is an illustrated magazine or book containing the sequential art form of comics, stories told in a series of drawings. In Spanish I have heard comics referred to as comics, historietas or tebeos. Comics are not necessarily humourous.
A comedian is somone who goes on stage with the objective of making people laugh (e.g., Jerry Lewis or Pep Rubianes).

Example 1:
One of my favourite comedians is Jim Carrey.

Example 2:
When I was a boy I had a large collection of Spiderman comics.

Note: We can use the adjective comical to describe people or things who are funny. 
Example 3:
Jerry Lewis's show was very comical.

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