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22 / 09 / 2008

CLOTHING EXPRESSIONS-4: meaning and examples

Good morning. I hope everyone had a great weekend.

This week there will only be four Daily Vitamins, since Wednesday is a holiday in Barcelona (La Mercè). Therefore, I have decided to look at a few more clothing expressions, and then on Friday we will continue with the verb DO for the Essential Weekly Vitamin, for beginner Spanish-speaking students of English.

Today we will look at some expressions that use the word belt (cinturón). 

Today's first expression is: to belt something out (informal)

Meaning: to sing a song or play music loudly.

Example 1
That singer is very little but boy...she can really belt out a tune. She sings so loudly!

Today's second expression is: to have something under your belt (informal)

Meaning: to have already achieved or obtained something. 

Example 2:
Their football team already has a couple of important wins under their belt

Today's third expression is: below the belt (informal)

: something unfair or cruel. It comes from combat sports, such as boxing, where hitting someone below the belt can be very painful (especially for men).  

Example 3:
They dealt with him unfairly; their accusations hit below the belt

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Have a great day!