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03 / 06 / 2004

CELEBRATE vs. HOLD: meaning and examples

Good morning,

Do you know which one of the following sentences is correct?

1) This month we will celebrate our company's annual shareholders' meeting.

2) This month we will hold our company's annual shareholders' meeting.

If you think that number (1) is incorrect and number (2) is correct, you're right! In English we don't celebrate meetings we hold meetings.

Celebrate means: to do something fun or enjoyable to show that an event or occasion is special.

Example 1
This weekend we will celebrate my son's birthday; he will be four years old.

Hold has many meanings but one of its meanings is: to organise a meeting or event.

Example 2
The elections in the European Union will be held in June.

If you have questions about the difference between the verbs celebrate and hold, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Have a great day!