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21 / 04 / 2006

BY vs. ON FOR TRANSPORT: meaning and examples

Good morning.

Which one of these sentences is correct?

i) I go to work with my car.
ii) I go to work by car.

Sentence (ii) is correct and sentence (i) is incorrect. Sentence (i) can only be correct if you mean that you "accompany" your car to work.

We use the proposition BY with means of motorised transport (by car, by plane, by boat, etc.) to indicate how we get somewhere.

Example 1:
Paul: My in-laws went to Mallorca for Easter break.
Janet: How did they get there, by boat or by plane?
Mike: By plane?

Example 2:
I almost never use my car during the week. I prefer to get to work by underground or bus.

The exception is when we walk. If our form of transport is walking, we say ON foot.

Example 3:
Luckily I work very close to home so I can get there on foot.

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