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25 / 01 / 2007

BODY EXPRESSIONS: NECK: meaning and examples

Good morning.

Today we will look at some more expressions with body parts, this time with NECK (cuello).

Today's 1st expression is: to be a pain in the neck 

It means: to be a person or thing that is very annoying or bothers a lot.

Example 1
When he works he always sings, and he has a terrible voice. He is such a pain in the neck.

A more informal version of this expression is to be a pain in the arse (UK) or a pain in the butt (US).

Today's 2nd expression is: to be up to your neck in something

It means: to have a lot of something to deal with; to be very involved or busy with something.

Example 2:
I can't go out tonight; I'm up to my neck in work!

Example 3:
We can't go on holiday because we're up to our neck in debt!

Today's 3rd expression isneck of the woods (informal)

It means: in the same area where you live; a particular part of a town or country.

Example 4:
Do you know John? He's from your neck of the woods.

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Have a great day!