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14 / 06 / 2007

BODY EXPRESSIONS: FACE: meaning and examples

Good morning.

In English there are dozens of expressions with the word face. Today we will look at a few of them. 

Today's 1st expression is: somebody's face doesn't fit

Meaning: used to say that somebody will not get a job or position because they do not have the appearance, personality, etc. that the employer wants, even when this should not be important.

Example 1
It doesn't matter how qualified you are; if your face doesn't fit, you don't have any possibilities.

Today's 2nd expression is: face to face

Meaning: Close and looking at somebody.

Example 2:
This is crazy! They say that they are in love but they have only spoken in chats and by email. They have never met face to face.

Today's 3rd expression is: to lose face

Meaning: to be less respected or look stupid because of something that you have done.

Example 3:
The sales manager lost face with his customers when he continually promised items he couldn't deliver.

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