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11 / 05 / 2004

BIRTHDAYS: meaning and examples

Good morning everybody.

Today I've decided to concentrate on the word birthday since today birthday (in case anybody was interested).

When someone has a birthday, we can wish them a happy birthday:

Example 1
Happy birthday, Janet!

In English-speaking countries people generally don't celebrate Saints' Days, so birthdays are given even more importance.

When you find out that someone is going to have a birthday you might get curious and want to ask them how old they are:

Example 2
Matthew: Tomorrow is my birthday.
Curious Daily Vitamin Recipient: Oh! Happy birthday, Matthew! How old are you going to be?
Matthew: old!

There are other useful expressions and vocabulary that use the words birth or birthday.

Birthday Suit: colloquial, and humorous, way of saying that you aren't wearing any clothes; that is to say, you are naked!

Example 3
I walked into the room without knocking and suddenly I saw Janet standing her birthday suit! Boy, was she surprised to see me!

Birth certificate: official document that gives personal details about when and where you were born and who your parents are.

Birth control: methods of avoiding becoming pregnant (the birth control pill, condoms, etc.).

Birthmark: a red or brown mark on the skin that many of us are born with.

Enjoy your day!