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27 / 05 / 2004

BEING ILL-1: meaning and examples

Good morning,

Today I'm not feeling well, so I've decided to review expressions that we use when we are ill. We'll start with expressions that use "I've got" or "I have."

I've got a headache: We use this when we feel pain (dolor) in our head. We can also say my head hurts.

I've got a sore throat: We use this expression when we feel pain in our throat (garganta).

I've got a cold (resfriado): When we have a cold, we are congested, that is we have a stuffed up nose. When we have a cold, we may also have a fever (fiebre) and general aches and pains.

There are a lot more expressions, but I think we'll continue tomorrow, since I don't feel well.

If you have questions about these expressions or need a translation to Spanish or Catalan, you can leave a comment. I'm sick, but I promise to respond.

Have a good day!