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19 / 05 / 2006

BEACH TONGUE TWISTERS: meaning and examples

Hello again, This week we've been talking about going to the beach and sunbathing, and today's Daily Vitamin includes a pair of beach-related tongue twisters (trabalenguas) for you to practise whilst you're sunbathing, or whilst you're sitting in your office reading this Daily Vitamin. ;-) The first one looks easy, but if you say it quickly two or three will most likely lose or misplace the 'sh' sound. She sells sea shells on the sea shore The second tongue twister has a nice rhythm, and the second line requires a clear pronunciation of the different vowel sounds in the words which begin with the letter 'b'. If you're not a Daily Vitamin Plus! subscriber and you're not sure of the pronunciation, use a dictionary to check so that you practise it correctly. Now, what do you fancy to eat? A bit of a bite on the beach? I want to thank Susie Derby for her collaboration with the creation of this week's Daily Vitamins. Whatever you do this weekend, have a good one! See you next week!