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26 / 02 / 2004

BE vs. STAY: meaning and examples

Good morning everybody.

In conversation, English students often confuse the verb stay with be. The confusion, in part, comes from incorrect pronunciation. Many of you may be guilty of pronouncing stay as estay, which reminds you of the Spanish verb 'estar'. However, stay is not the same as estar.

Stay means: to remain in a particular place or situation. It's often used to talk about staying in a hotel or hostel while travelling. It's the equivalent of quedar in Spanish.

Example 1
When we go to Boston, we will stay in a five-star hotel.

Although there is some relation, the verb be is used in a different way.

Example 2
Last summer I was in Boston for two weeks. I had a great time, especially in the hotel where we stayed.

Have an excellent day!