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AT vs. IN (5)

18 / 03 / 2005

AT vs. IN (5): meaning and examples

Good morning. Yesterday we looked at verbs with the prepositions AT and IN. Many adjectives also have dependent prepositions. This means that if you use the adjective with an object, you must use a preposition. Again, the best way to remember these prepositions is to learn them together with the adjective. And also, remember that after a preposition you must use a noun or a gerund (-ing verb form). Here are some expressions that use adjectives with the prepositions AT and IN: To be good or bad at something It means: to do something well or do something badly. Example: I am good at thinking of new ideas, but am bad at planning. To be hopeless or useless at something It means: to do something very badly, to show no ability or skill in an activity. Example: He is hopeless--useless at sport because he's very uncoordinated. To be angry at something--someone It means: to have negative feelings, to be annoyed. Example: I was angry at Alison for a week after our argument, but now we're friends again. To be interested in something--someone It means: to have a feeling that you want to know about something or someone. Example: The children are quite interested in the solar system. Why don't we take them to the planetarium? To be lacking in something It means: to say that something does not exist or is not available. Example: This town is lacking in some very basic services, such as primary schools, public transport and medical centres. To be disappointed in something--someone It means: to feel unhappy because something did not happen as you expected it would. Example: I was disappointed in the rock group's live performance. I love their records, but they didn't manage to transmit any of that energy during the concert. This week we have looked at how to use the prepositions AT and IN in many different ways. I hope we have answered your question satisfactorily, Susana. Thank you for sending us your request. If anybody has any questions about AT or IN or would like to ask us a question related to English, please don't hesitate to contact me. I hope you have a good day and a very relaxing weekend!


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